Leadership Wisdom & Insigniam Quarterly

Overview: Insigniam Quarterly (IQ), Insigniam Consulting

As the executive editor on Insigniam Quarterly, I had a simple but ambitious mandate: produce Harvard Business Review-level journalism featuring global C-suite executives from $3 billion+ organizations. No big deal, really.

It took a lot of old fashioned reporting hustle to woo our sources, but the results were always inspiring. During my tenure with IQ we scored big stories with everyone from Fortune Media Group’s Alan Murray, frmr. Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, Sandoz’s Richard Saynor, and DNB’s Kjerstin Braathen–just to name a few.

While I led and oversaw all elements for the magazine–from print production to design–I was particularly fond of our more brainy department “Perspectives.” Here we were able to dig into more thoughtful insights from leading academics and researchers. I conceived of, wrote, and sourced the story below.  

IQ 1IQ 2IQ 3IQ 4

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