NeigerDesign & the American Marketing Association

Problem: How to sell a marketing firm to marketing experts.

While NeigerDesign are masters at branding and marketing for their clients, they’d continue to overlook their own business development. When the American Marketing Association (AMA) offered them the chance to publish a sponsored article on their blog, NeigerDesign turned to me for help. This was a big challenge. I’d have to write inbound content for expert marketers in NeigerDesign’s voice while leveraging the firm’s years of experience.

Analysis: Conduct a rigorous brand audit and competitive analysis.

I knew that the sponsored article would have to be concise, knowledgeable, engaging, and completely airtight. I also knew that before I could start writing, I’d have to possess a both a strong sense of NeigerDesign’s brand while quickly becoming an expert on the audiences and content found on I’d be threading the needle.

Solution: Focus on thought-leaders and concrete takeaways.

I learned that NeigerDesign takes specific pride in their past branding projects–a topic that many readers at might find interesting. I also discovered that the content with the best engagement usually offered insights in a listicle format. Because I would be speaking to experts, I focused on building from the insights of key thought-leaders. Their voices would lend legitimacy and substance to my article while also improving SEO results. Finally, I focused on providing clear and concise tactics–not just abstract thoughts–through a personal and down-to-earth tone that would convey NeigerDesign’s years of business and extensive experience.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 6.48.11 AM.png

To see the entire  article, follow this link to the blog

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